The Underground, known as the enemies of Eden, are a group of Rejectors who follow the teachings of Yggdrasil. United, they seek to undermine Eden and sway the people of Fal'Rath against her, claiming her to be a 'False God'.



Membership & Practices

New members to the underground are paired with a mentor. New inductees are typically given lower-risk tasks so as not to jeopardize themselves.

When working on covert missions against Eden, members of the Underground will cosmetically darken their eyes in an act of devotion to Yggdrasil, their blinded leader. Members typically have some level of combat-training as much of the work for the underground involves opposing Eden's forces. As such, members of the Underground typically wear combat boots and clothing that does not restrict their movement.

Some more dedicated members adorn the symbol of Yggdrasil on their left forearm, a risky act that could illicit a death sentence, if exposed.

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