Electron Blade- The Symbol

Electron Blade- The Symbol

The Symbol is the 6th episode in the series.


A segment from the prophecy of the Electron Blade appears on the screen, reading: The Electron Blade is a symbol, a signpost of the destruction Yggdrasil has wrought. It is said that the one who carries the Blade would challenge God herself.
  • The Fal'Kor
The Electron Blade comes into focus and various angles of its form are displayed.
Kai Nova, you deserve some answers
Nova Today, you bombed our home, attacked spectres, and wished death upon our creator. I don't even know who you are.
Kai Everything you've been taught to believe about Eden - the Culling, being Chosen -, it's all a lie.
Kai Eden was going to discard you, your soul, everything that makes you Nova: gone.
Nova Is this what the Underground taught you?
Nova Everything I studied for and everything I believed... being Chosen...
Kai It's what they made you want. They programmed all of us to work and train and produce - giving us jobs and schools and homes to keep up the illusion that we were free.


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