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Electron Blade- The Lightning Plains of Elga

The Lightning Plains of Elga is the 7th episode in the series of Supershorts.

Plot synopsis

Visuals of the Lightning Plains of Elga are shown as words of its history are spoken:

The Lightning Plains of Elga: named for the angel who inspired Eden to build her first cathedral. It was a glorious land, built in memory of her holy city in the sky - a city destroyed by Yggdrasil. He came for everything Eden created, starting with her cathedral. The land was scorched, never to be walked again. Forlorn and abandoned, a trophy for the demon who seeks to destroy all our lord has created. The plains stand as an example of what Yggdrasil can do if we do not harden our hearts to his darkness.


  • Nova (Voiceover)
  • Eden (Mentioned)
  • Yggdrasil (Mentioned)

Notes & trivia

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