So-Fal'Kor is the scholarly city in which most of Eden's religious doctrines are pressed and printed.


So-Fal'Kor is the sight in which the Fal'Kor was mythically written by Eden.

Geography & Climate

Located south of Centrus and Ironwood, and at the base of Ash Lake, So-Fal'Kor sits above The Devil's Spire and Aridean. The city is adorned with ornate monuments, buildings, and sculptures to Eden.


The city of So-Fal'Kor can be described as having ostentatious wealth, which is used to print religious doctrines and maintain its lavish aesthetic.


As the city which originated Eden's Fal'Kor, So-Fal'Kor is the sight of vigorous religious study and devotion to Eden. The best of Eden's Hosts train at So-Fal'Kor before they are taken by her Guardians.

Though the city has vast amounts of wealth, the locals of So-Fal'Kor do not necessarily lead luxurious lives. Many are indentured to build the extravagant works that decorate the town.

So-Fal'Kor is the second city with a higher population of Erodun than humans.

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