Qoris is one of the sixteen cities in Fal'Rath. A snowy town located near Erodun Basin, Qoris is best known for its trade and market.



Geography & Climate

Qoris is situated above the Hand of Eden, next to the Erodun Basin and the Lightning Plains of Elga, and beneath Rath and Erodun Sound. Its climate is rather cold, as it is frequently covered in snow.


Its access to the Erodun Basin allows easy passage of supplies to and from Centrus. Their trade and wares allow for a small level of comfort not afforded in other towns. The people of Qoris can be described as 'lower-middle class'.


Most citizens of Qoris are traders and merchants who take advantage of the Erodun Basin as a trade route to Centrus, though they are rarely meant to leave the town.

Qoris is also home to Sisters in Eden's Name, the second-largest sect of female followers of Eden. The sisters are best known for their aid to Qoris's poor, and the creation and execution of the headscarfs that women of Fal'Rath wear.

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