Ironwood Part 2: An Oracle

Arm Bracer

Ironwood Part 2: An Oracle, published on 21 January 2018, is the second installment of the Ironwood story.

After Kai meets up with his best friend, Janusz, the pair head out on bikes to the bridge city of Ironwood. Upon arrival, the they explore the market place as a mysterious hooded figure stealthily tails Kai. Kai enters a vendor stall with the intention of getting a gift for Nova, and he encounters a beautiful soothsayer who utters words that shake him to the core.

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Ironwood Part 3: Nova

Nova 2

Ironwood Part 3: Nova Fae, published on 28 January 2018, is the third installment of the Ironwood story.

Nova tends to Kai's injury after his incident in Ironwood. When Kai awakens, he shares with Nova his encounter with the strange woman from the marketplace. The two shift their gaze to a mysterious package addressed to Kai and are shocked to learn what lies inside.

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