Fal'Rath is the world in which the story of Electron Blade takes place, and is ruled by the gracious god, Eden.


It is composed of sixteen cities: Distant Vengeance, Distant Mercy, Eno-Bahn, Aridean, So-Fal'Kor, Qoris, Yu, Rath, Xephar, Xaphus, En-Sur, En-Kah, En-Pah, Aaru's Gate, Centrus, and Ironwood, with Centrus as its capital city.

Notable Locations

It also houses several notable locations, including: The Dead City, The Ethereal Door, Lake Ash, Eden's Refuge, Cocoon Lake, Lightning Plains of Elga, The Devil's Spire, The Demon's Tower, The Forbidden Fortress, Fire Falls, Yggdrasil Forest, Asra's Crater, The Tangent Forest, The Valley of the Guardians, Hand of Eden, and Erodun Sound.

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