Eden is the self-titled creator of the universe and all that exists within. She is an Erodun, the ruler of the world, and god of the land of Fal'Rath. Worshiped by her devoted followers, she speaks to her citizens directly through televised broadcasts. While most of the citizens of Fal'Rath view Eden as a gracious god, those who do oppose her order are considered Rejectors. She faces additional opposition from her former right hand, Yggdrasil, and his followers, The Underground.


Eden is the highest of the Erodun.

Fal'Kor History

In the beginning, Eden, discontent with loneliness, created her angels of light: her fellow Erodun. Together, they sought to fashion a beautiful universe, until her most trusted angel, Yggdrasil, turned against her and everything she stood for. Most of Eden's fellow Erodun were lost the ensuing battle against Yggdrasil.

After a time, she decided she would create once again, and she fashioned the world of Fal'Rath and all of humankind. Together, with her remaining angels, she would care for this new world and continue to breathe life into her creations. They would worship her - their creator - and in reward for their constant faith, would receive joy everlasting.

Behind the scenes


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