Distant Vengeance, the southern sister city of Distant Mercy, is Fal'Rath's windy city.


Distant Vengeance is located along the western-most peak of the Catahecassa Mountains, spanning the valley below to the coast. The centre of town is located in the centre of the mountain. Much of the city's structure is carved directly into the mountain face, ala Petra.


Due to its geography and climatic conditions, the city of Distant Vengeance is powered mainly by wind turbines at the top of its mountainous terrain.


The class system runs from the centre out, with the poorer members of society residing at the water's edge, or atop the snowy mountain peaks.

Most members are mechanically-minded, though Distant Vengeance is the home of the epic poem of Erodun, found in the Fal'Kor, named "The Epic of Fal'Toryn".

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