Electron Blade- Calahan

Electron Blade- Calahan

Calahan is the 10th episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

The opening starts with the sixth of the Guiding Principles:

The structures Eden has created are for your governance and protection. Respect and honor the institutions placed over you, for disrespect to them is disrespect to the Holy One.

  • The Six Guiding Principles

A passenger car moves along the Matriarch's Monorail towards the city of Qoris. Calahan rides aboard the car, sitting next to a crate firewood and holding a keycard. When the train arrives at the station, Calahan makes his way to the exit, where he is stopped by the conductor, who asks for his key. Calahan presents the key with the name 'Harrison Harver'. He tells the conductor that he is bringing firewood to Sisters in Eden's Name. The conductor remarks that it is a kind gesture and tells him to stay warm.

Calahan walks the streets of the Qoris Marketplace. Upon arrival at the cathedral housing Sisters in Eden's Name, he delivers the crate of firewood, knocks on the door, and leaves. He walks a few hundred feet away and speaks to a hologram of Galen Lux. The two talk briefly about meeting up with Vida Soule when a scheduled broadcast interrupts their conversation. The hacked broadcast displays the video of Astoria's interrogation of Governor Alkor as several Qoris citizens take notice of the anomaly. As Astoria's words declaring Eden to be a false god are heard, Calahan utters, 'Laden zal Ednum', and presses the button on a remote detonator. In the background, an explosion erupts from the cathedral housing Sisters in Eden's Name.


  • Calahan
  • Galen Lux (Hologram)
  • Vida Soule (Mentioned)
  • Astoria (In broadcast)

Notes & trivia

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