Electron Blade- Astoria

Electron Blade- Astoria

Astoria is the 2nd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

The episode opens with the fifth of Eden's Six Guiding Principles:

There is nothing Eden will not forgive, save for confession of belief in Yggdrasil. Any soul whose heart has been corrupted by the Darkness must be banished, lest they be allowed to destroy all Eden has created.
- The Six Guiding Principles

The text cuts to a glitchy broadcast of Astoria addressing the people of Fal'Rath and telling them that they have been deceived by Eden, who is a false god. It is then revealed that she is holding Governor Alkor in captivity.

Astoria tears away Alkor's mouth tape and commands that she reveal the truth about Eden to all of Fal'Rath. At first, Alkor retaliates by telling Astoria that her sins for what she has done will not be forgiven. Astoria responds by shooting Alkor in her leg and shoulder. Astoria relishes in Alkor's pain and finally coerces Alkor into saying that Eden is a false god who "bleeds just like us".

Astoria questions Governor Alkor as to how Eden has changed her face so many times, and before she can respond, Astoria shoots Alkor in her other shoulder. Alkor then admits that Eden's Chosen become hosts to her by taking their faces. With that information revealed, Astoria shoots Governor Alkor in the forehead, turns to the camera and exclaims, "Death to Eden", before ending the transmission.


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