The small village of Aridean is one of the farthest out from the capital city, Centrus. While the Matriarch's Monorail does come through Aridean, it does not bring aid. Instead, it takes the fruits of their labours to redistribute to the few other wealthier towns, especially Centrus. The people in Aridean are generally poor and unwell. Those who are born there, die there, and those who leave...never come back. Due to the distance from Centrus, there has been a rise in rebel activity. Aridian is Nova, Kai, and Gem's hometown.



Geography & Climate

The nomenclature for Aridean touches on a bit of irony as the village is anything but arid. Excessive precipitation affects Aridean for more than half a year. The Catahecassa Mountains to the south and looping mountainous terrain to the east and north, combined with excessive rainfall and cloud coverage, have a cooling effect on Aridean's climate. As such, Aridean averages cooler temperatures than most of Fal'Rath.



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